Morgan Street Brewery

Perfect temperature, clear weather and fresh beer. This time we decided to check out a place we’d been to a few times for pool and drinks but never the food. Located in the Landing, Morgan Street Brewery has no doubt a great location…but does the food live up to everything else?



We’d already been here a couple times for drinks and beer so we had a pretty good idea of what the atmosphere is like. Since we had never been here during the day and the temperature was ideal we opted for the outside seating. The atmosphere of the place is different depending on when you’re there but at time we were there (just before dinner time) it was laid back and not too crowded. We could comfortably have a good conversation without feeling like people were listening to us and at the same time not feeling too isolated. But on a few occasions I’ve seen this place pretty packed at night and particularly the upstairs portion. The restaurant on the inside is also quite nice, with hard wood floors and exposed bricks. Overall we give the atmosphere a perfect 5 out of 5.



We were pretty happy with the service we got at Morgan Street Brewery. Our server was attentive, nice and laid-back. Kristen liked the fact that she didn’t need to write our order down as we gave it to her and anyone who’s worked as a server knows that can easily come back to bite you once you get back to put the order in. We’re fairly indecisive people and she didn’t mind coming back a few times as we made up our minds. A little guidance in picking food would’ve helped but otherwise we give the service a 4.5 out of 5.


To start things off we had a beer sampler and some pretzels. As you may know St. Louis has a proud brewing history and I personally wanted to know how their beer stacked up against some of the other well known brews that come out of StL. Our sampler included 5 different beers, ranging from dark espresso flavored beers to lighter honey flavored ales. The beers were good, obviously some catered to varying tastes, but my favorite was the Octoberfest beer. The pretzels weren’t anything special, I’d probably go with something else for an appetizer.

A little too much salt for my tastes.

We didn’t have to wait long at all for our entrees to be brought out after the pretzels. Kristen went with their house burger and I decided to go with the pork tenderloin, generally a local favorite. Kristen’s burger was fairly big, not to mention it was hand formed which is always a major plus. Honestly if I want preformed patties I can just go to a fast food restaurant. The burger came with fried mashed potato balls, which neither of us had ever tried before. Crisp on the outside, gooey and warm on the inside…definitely a memorable side. The pork tenderloin dish was a bit of a surprise because the menu didn’t do the best job of describing it. It came with rice, sauteed cucumbers and other vegetables. In fact that was the only complaint I had with the dish; most of what came on the plate wasn’t pork tenderloin. What I did get of pork tenderloin was tender and tasty. Taking it all into consideration we give the food a 4.5 out of 5.

Morgan Street Burger

The house burger, surprisingly big and hand formed.

Pork Tenderloin Pork tenderloin with rice and vegetables.



For a beer sampler, an appetizer, the burger and my pork tenderloin our bill came to about $40. In our opinion this was a pretty fair price when you consider the location and quality of the food. Our only gripe about the pricing is that my dish was a bit expensive given the small amount of pork and all the rice I got, which made us decide to give the pricing a solid 4.5 out of 5



Morgan Street has been the best restaurant that we’ve reviewed. With strong scores in all categories it’s average comes out to an overall score just above 4.5, but since it wasn’t perfect we won’t give it a perfect score. It does however warrant a very good overall score of 4.5 out of 5. With fresh beer, friendly service, a great location and solid food this is a definite must visit.
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