Racanelli’s Kirkwood

Kristen and I were in Kirkwood looking for a place to eat and decided on Pizza. I’m sorry to say that this time we were disappointed at what we got. Read on to find out why we were unimpressed by this St. Louis New York style pizza.




Walking in the atmosphere felt very much like a pizza place. It wasn’t very large and the decorations weren’t fancy…mostly New York related paintings and pictures. There seemed to be a lot of parents there with their kids, which perhaps should’ve tipped us off about the nature of the food. According to Kristen the vent above my head was filthy which is unfortunate cause I don’t like dust on my pizza. On the plus side Kirkwood is a great area and there is outside seating available. Given that we give the atmosphere a passing grade of 3 out of 5.


Here you pretty much order like at a fast food restaurant, giving a blank and confused stare to the menu posted behind the cashier. We went with a custom pizza consisting of pepperoni and jalapeno, nothing too crazy. The pizza itself honestly didn’t look too impressive but you know what they say about judging on looks. Unfortunately it tasted about as mediocre as it looked. It was fairly greasy and in general unremarkable. To add, they didn’t have ketchup (or so said the person who served us our pizza). Weird as it might sound I really enjoy ketchup on my pizza. We ended up leaving a few pieces on the table. The food we feel deserves a 2 out of 5.


Having worked in the position myself I don’t like to be harsh on servers or any food establishment associates. But I have to be honest and say that our interaction with the workers is certainly below any standard, whether it be a Mcdonald’s or a Michelin star restaurant. The young lady at the counter just didn’t seem like she wanted to be there at all and believe me I’ve been there, we all have. But to not show the least bit interest in the customers (and it wasn’t just us) would not sit well with any manager. To be fair they weren’t all that bad, the kid that brought our pizza out looked nervous but certainly wasn’t rude. To us the service, like the food, has a lot of room for improvement and gets a 2 out of 5.


We rate price relative to the quality of the food. We don’t necessarily give better scores to cheaper places, so in some ways what we really rate on is the value of the meal. Our 14″ inch pizza with two sodas came out to $20, which for a good pizza and atmosphere is pretty acceptable. Unfortunately we don’t feel either was worth the price. You could probably buy several frozen pizzas that taste about the same with a 12 pack of soda for that sort of money. But at least it wasn’t super expensive, and for that we give a 2 out of 5.


This is a great place to bring your kids, sit outside and enjoy a beer. It is not, however, a good place to enjoy some pizza. Ignoring the typical pizza chain look and the odd dirty vent we have to say that basics were just not done right here. Apathetic service and mediocre food at a price you can easily beat without losing quality just going to the grocery store gives us a place we wouldn’t really visit again. But maybe we missed something, or I hope we missed something…any suggestions on a particular menu item that maybe would change our minds? Until then we give the place an overall score of 2 out of 5.
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